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Da Vinci
A FUN and FACTUAL introduction to one of the world's greatest artists, Leonardo da Vinci. It tells da Vinci's life story and combines pictures of his works along with colorful cartoon drawings. Leonardo da Vinci's works include Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and Madonna and Child.

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Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists

Complete Series as of October, 2003
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Pieter Bruegel

Alexander Calder [Used]

Mary Cassatt

Paul Cezanne

Marc Chagall


Salvador Dali

Edgar Degas

Eugene Delacroix

El Greco

Paul Gauguin


Grandma Moses [School and Library Binding]

Francisco Goya

Winslow Homer [School and Library Binding] - Pre-Order Only.

Edward Hopper

Frida Kahlo

Paul Klee

Dorothea Lange

Jacob Lawrence

Roy Lichtenstein

René Magritte

Henri Matisse



Georgia O'Keeffe


Camille Pissarro [School and Library Binding]

Jackson Pollock



Frederic Remington

Pierre Auguste Renoir

Diego Rivera

Norman Rockwell

Henri Rousseau

Georges Seurat


Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec

Van Gogh

Diego Velazquez [School and Library Binding]

Johannes Vermeer

Andy Warhol

James McNeill Whistler [School and Library Binding] - Pre-Order Only.

Grant Wood

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