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The Renaissance (See Through History)
Get an overview of the Renaissance in one complete book. The Renaissance is a great period of time when Europe experienced a "rebirth" in a variety of subjects. This books explains different aspect of the Renaissance in each 2-page spread allowing the reader to understand how it all fits together. The topics include exploration, painting, architecture, technology, and astronomy.

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Ages 4 - 8

The Renaissance (History Opens Windows)

The Paint Box

Kids During the Renaissance (Kids Throughout History)

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Ages 9 - 12

Michelangelo and the Renaissance (Great Artists Series)

The Renaissance and the New World (History of Everyday Things)

Eyewitness: Renaissance

The Renaissance

The Atlas of the Renaissance World

The Renaissance (See Through History) - FEATURE BOOK

Tibaldo and the Hole in the Calendar

The Art of the Renaissance

Science in the Renaissance (Science in History)

A Renaissance Town

The Renaissance: The Invention of Perspective (Art for Children)

The Age of Discovery (Illustrated History of the World, Vol 5)

Your Travel Guide to Renaissance Europe (Passport to History)

A Travel Guide to Renaissance Florence (The Traveler's Guide to)

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