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Ages 4 to 8

Life in a Colonial Town (Picture the Past)

The Colonial Wars: Clashes in the Wilderness (First Book)

Colonial Times from A to Z (Alphabasics)

The New Americans: Colonial Times 1620-1689

Kids in Colonial Times (Kids Throughout History)

Life in Colonial America (American Revolution)

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Ages 9 to 12

Life in Colonial America - UNDER $5

Journey to Monticello: Traveling in Colonial Times (Adventures in Colonial America) - UNDER $5

The Village: Life in Colonial Times (Adventures in Colonial America) - UNDER $5

The Farm: Life in Colonial Pennsylvania (Adventures in Colonial America) - UNDER $5

Seventh and Walnut: Life in Colonial Philadelphia (Adventures in Colonial America) - UNDER $5

If You Lived in Colonial Times

Colonial Life (True Books: American History)

Colonial Life (Historic Communities Series)

America in the Time of Pocahontas: 1590 to 1754

America in the Time of George Washington 1747 to 1803

Your Travel Guide to Colonial America (Passport to History)

A Sampler View of Colonial Life

Science in Colonial America (Science of the Past Series)

Book of the American Colonies Brown Paper School US Kids History

A History of Us: From Colonies to Country (History of Us)

Colonial Times: 1600-1700 (Chronicle of America)

Life in the American Colonies: Daily Lifestyles of the Early Settlers

American Heritage, American Voices: Colonies and Revolution

Founding Fathers... & Mothers: A Field Trip to 18th Century America

Colonial Days

Colonial Places (People and Places)

Revolutionary Medicine 1700-1800 (Illustrated Living History Series)

How We Lived in Colonial New England (How We Lived...)

In the Middle Colonies (How We Lived...)

In the Southern Colonies (How We Lived...)

Colonial and Revolutionary Times: A Watts Guide (Watts Reference)

Colonial America (Making of America)

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Young Adult Reading Level

100 Colonial Leaders Who Shaped North America

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