Ages 4 to 8

Jamestown (Instant Internet Activities Folder) - UNDER $5

James Towne: Struggle for Survival

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Ages 9 to 12

Jamestown: New World Adventure (Adventures in Colonial America) - UNDER $5

The Jamestown Colony (Cornerstones of Freedom)

Surviving Jamestown: The Adventures of Young Sam Collier

The Jamestown Colony (We the People)

Smith: John Smith and the Settlement of Jamestown (Exploring the World)

Jamestown, John Smith, and Pocahontas in American History

The Settling of Jamestown (Landmark Events in American History)

The Paradox of Jamestown: 1585-1700 (Drama of American History)

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Elizabeth's Diaries

Our Strange New Land: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary (My America) - UNDER $5

The Starving Time: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary (My America) - UNDER $5

Season of Promise: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary, Book Three - UNDER $5

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