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I Want to Be an Astronaut

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Ages 4 to 8

Astronauts Today - ONLY $3.25

DK Readers: Astronaut, Living in Space (Level 2: Beginning to Read Alone) - ONLY $3.95

Liftoff! A Space Adventure (Reader's Digest All-Star Readers Level 3) - ONLY $3.99

Floating in Space (Let's Read And Find Out) - ONLY $4.95

The Life of an Astronaut (Eye on the Universe)

Me and My Place in Space

To Space and Back - by Sally Ride

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Ages 9 to 12

Astronauts (True Books)

I Want to Be an Astronaut (I Want to Be -- Book Series)

Ultimate Field Trip 5: Blasting Off to Space Academy

The U.S. Space Camp Book of Astronauts

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Adult Reading Level

The Right Stuff: A Novel (Adult Reading Level)

Who's Who of NASA Astronauts (Adult Reading Level)

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Movies & Videos

The Right Stuff (1983) [Movie, VHS Widescreen - 2 Tapes]

The Right Stuff - MOVIE (VHS - 2 Tapes)

The Right Stuff (1983) [Movie - DVD Widescreen]

The Right Stuff (Two-Disc Special Edition) (1983) [DVD]

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