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Teddy Bears and Good Friends

Happy Birthday Teddy Bears

My Teddy Bear

My Bears
My Special Bear
Toy Store
My Furry Friend
Teddy Bear
My Best Pal
Fuzzy Wuzzy
"I Love You"
Bruce is Just a Little Bear
Loveliest Bear I Know
Let's Be Teddy Bears
My Teddy Bear
A Friend in Deed
Benny, That's Who



Teddy Bears and Good Friends by Jon Wimer
A teddy bear is a furry friend

whose love and support never end;

keeps your secrets, never lies

friendly, fuzzy, cozy, wise.

Tell it your secrets

it'll keep them well

you don't have to worry,

it won't ever tell.

Whenever you need one

it will always be there

the same old teddy bear

with the same old stare

ready to listen, ready to care.

Good friends are just like teddy bears,

you can tell them everything, anything or more

they'll keep it privy forever more.

They are always there for you,

through the good times and bad,

whether you're angry, upset, or just really sad,

they comfort you when you're lonely,

they know just what to do,

they'll have you feeling better

in a single minute or two,

just remember to thank them,

to comfor them next time, and to write them a poem,

or maybe just a rhyme.


Happy Birthday Teddy Bears   by Darby Diana
I'm not sure you want to live like a bear,

They celebrate with their own style,

Running in the woods to honey trees,

Being a bear isn't easy you see.

Birthdays are once a year.

Teddies gather from far and near,

Mama bear is the perfect host,

She fixes a cake teddy bears favor most.

Parties are fun and usually in the noon day sun,

Running games and climbing are their favorite fun.

Happy Birthday Teddy Bears everywhere.


My Teddy Bear  by Darby Diana
My Teddy Bear is a faithful friend

You can pick him up at either end.

His fur is the color of breakfast toast

And he's always there when you need him most.

I've had that little teddy

Since I was only two.

But I'm much bigger now and

I've better things to do

Than play with silly Teddy Bears

And so I said good-bye

And threw him in the garbage pail

(Who's crying - he or I?)


My Bears  by Darby Diana
My Humphrey bear snores all night
My Fluffy bear is a pretty sight
Our home is full of all kinds of bears
Not all the same
Each has a different name
Each has a style he wears,
They sit together on tables together
All ready to tell their stories
When you see their smile
You have no worries.
My bears are from all different places
You can see the happiness on their faces,
I love Mr. Georgie Bear in his red pajama wear,
Miss Ballerina Bear dances in her pink silky fare,
My Teddys are my friends,
They will be with me everywhere,
My friends are in view morning, noon & night
For me it is alright! Teddy Bears in my life.

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My Special Bear
My special bear wears his name on his chest
ot only is he my friend but he is the best
My teddy comes to sleep with me,
He is always by my side
He is my friend when I laugh
But especiallly when Ive cried.

-- Sent in by Aisha J.

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Toy Store
my mother took me to the toy shop one day
the owner greeted me in a friendly way
he said what would you like madam?
i said i don't know i might buy a pram

i looked down low
and looked up high
i looked right up to the misty sky
and then i saw my new best friend
i knew our friendship would never end

his name was tiddles he was a bear
i knew in his eyes he would really care
i said look mum that's the one i want
i'll call him tiddles in a fashionable font

so that's my pal, that's my mate
i will wait for him at heavens gates.

-- Sent in by Rebecca H.

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My Furry Friend
Each night I go to bed to sleep
and in my bed a friend I keep.
He has fluffy fur and big blue eyes
this friend I know won't tell no lies.

In the morning when I wake
this friend's nice cuddle I do take.
I kiss him goodbye and give him a hug
and tuck him in so he will be snug.

I tell him I will be home quite soon
then we will cuddle again under the moon.
I walk out of the room and wave goodbye
I know he understands I know he will not cry.

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Teddy Bear
If I told you, "I think you're pretty"
Would you love me and never let go
Would you sew my button back on
Please sit down and tell me so

If I told you that I love you
Would you hold me so tight
That stuffing would come out of me
And fluff me up at night

If I told you nothing at all
Would you still gaze upon my face
Throughout darkness and over time
In a lover's warm embrace

If I told you, "I'll go a great distance"
Would you follow me without a care
Or, should I stay right beside you
And be your great big teddy bear

-- Sent in by Rennie H.

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My Best Pal
I find myself drifting back,
To a time when I was carefree,
I wished that I had realized then,
How important you were to me.

I would go to bed each night and pray,
That I would grow big and tall,
So I could go to work each day,
And to be the boss of all.

But now I stare into your eyes,
As I kiss your button nose,
Now I wish I was small like you,
From my head down to my toes.

My Teddy Bear stuck with me,
Through thick and thin somehow,
Now I realize my teddy,
Was really my best pal.

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Fuzzy Wuzzy
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
Fuzzy Wuzzy didn't care
That he wasn't fuzzy was he?

-- Sent in by Barb G.

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"I Love You"
I sat down with pen and paper,
A poem to compose.
What shall I write about,
My Teddy I suppose.

My Teddy is a dear old friend,
There since childhood.
When no one else got me,
My Teddy understood.

What is my Teddy thinking,
Sitting on my bed.
And then all of a sudden,
"I Love You," my Teddy said.

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Endearing Friend
Down Right Cute
Year after year by my side

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Bruce is Just a Little Bear
Bruce is just a little bear who helped whenever I was scared.
Whenever I'de cry, he'd be right there.
And he always had happy feelings to share.
I'de give him my sadness, he'd give me his glad.
And Brucey never made me sad.
One thing though that gives me grief - is that no one feels what I believe.
Bruce is stuffed, but he's still alive.
And has lots of happy feelings to share inside.

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Loveliest Bear I Know
My teddy bear is the loveliest bear I know

He's with me at home and even on the go
He's with me when I'm high and when I'm down so low
He's with me when I've hurt my finger and when I've stubbed a toe

I take him to dinner, I take him to a show
I take him on a run, I take him in my boat to row
I take him to trim the trees, I take him to the grass to mow

I love my teddy bear, the loveliest bear I know

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Let's Be Teddy Bears
Let's be teddy bears in our next lifetime
Everbody loves them,
nobody cares if they're fat,
and the older they get,
the more they're worth!

-- Sent in by Marilyn S. from Oshkosh, WI

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My Teddy Bear
Some are mass produced,
Some are hand-made,
Some are made of velour,
Some are made of suede.

Some have clothes,
Some are bare,
Some wear glasses,
Some have hair.

Some represent countries,
Some represent things,
Some represent Presidents,
Some represent Kings.

Whether they are the same or different,
It doesn't matter as such,
Because whichever kind I have,
I love them very much!!!

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A Friend in Deed
Comforting, Smiling,
Loving, Caring, Sharing.
A Friend in Deed.

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Benny, That's Who
Who keeps me company on a cold, rainy night?
Who is there when I've had a fright?
Who makes everything turn out right?
Benny, That's Who.

Who is lovable, fuzzy, and brown?
Who cheers me up when I'm down?
Who joins me for a ride around town?
Benny, That's Who.

Who has a pot-belly to touch?
Who is always there in the clutch?
Who loves me very, very much?
Benny, That's Who.

Who is there to take a stand?
Who always wants to hold my hand?
Who is the best bear in the land?
Benny, That's Who

The slumber of sleep does not come soon,

Restlessly, I sigh in despair,

Tiptoeing, in silhouette, across my dormitory room,

I am presented with a teddy bear.

Weaken by my toil toward restful desires,

I graciously accept my new guest,

No instructions are required,

I hold teddy to my chest.

A blanket of softness on my face,

A layer of warmth on my chest,

My bear nestled properly in place,

I roll to the position of rest.

I anguish no longer in envy of those,

On whom wedded bliss has been bestowed,

For when the yearning for sleep does arise,

The comfort of teddy will close my eyes.

-- Sent by Victoria Buckner


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