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Special Olympics


Photo: Young Girl at the Southern California Special Olympics Event hanging out with her new friend, Christopher Columbus.

For More Information about IMA Hero™ & the Special Olympics, go to:

IMA Hero™ Pier del Sol Event
Tony Gwynn, Doug Flutie, & IMA Hero™ Raise Money for SOSC (10/3/01)
Help Us Help a Local Charity (10/15/01)
Pier Del Sol Event (10/22/00)
Donation to the SOSC (9/15/00)

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For More Information about the Special Olympics, go to:

Special Olympics
Special Olympics Southern California

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For More Information on Christopher Columbus, go to:

Hero History
Hero Timeline
Hero Clubhouse™
Hero Books
Hero Links

IMA Hero™ Christopher Columbus Bear
IMA Hero™ Christopher Columbus Bookmark
IMA Hero™ Christopher-in-a-Mug

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