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Ben Franklin



White 11 oz Ceramic IMA Hero™ Mug with Ben for just $3 more than the retail price of the bear.

Ben IMA Hero™ Bear:

Name of Bear: Ben
Name of Person: Benjamin Franklin
Emblem on Chest: Kite & Key
Hang Tag Description: Benjamin Franklin was a U.S. writer, inventor, and statesman. He helped draft the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Did you know he proved lightning is electricity when he flew a kite with a key in a thunderstorm?
Size of Bear: 8 inch bean bag bear with inner safety bag for beans

IMA Hero™ Mug:

White 11 oz Ceramic Mug with IMA Hero™ Logo
for coffee, hot cocoa, or chicken noodle soup
Ideal holder for your IMA Hero™ Bookmarks, Pens, and Pencils
Makes the Perfect Gift for Moms, Teachers, Secretaries, or Someone Special


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