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A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr.

What I Learned Section 1 -- Answer the Following Questions:
1. When was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. born?
January 15, 1929. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born at his family home in Atlanta, Georgia. He was the second of three children. His older sister was Willie Christine, and his younger brother was Alfred Daniel. Martin's father, Martin Luther King, Sr., was a pastor, and his mother, Alberta Williams King, was a former teacher. Martin became a great leader and powerful speaker. He spoke out against laws which discriminated against African-Americans and led protests and marches demanding fair treatment for all people.

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2. What college did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. attend?
Morehouse College. Martin Luther King, Jr. attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. Did you know he was only fifteen years old when he started college? In 1948, Martin graduated with a B.A. degree in Sociology. He then moved to Massachusetts, where he continued his studies at Boston University and met Coretta Scott. In 1954, Martin began his first job as a pastor at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. The next year, on June 5, 1955, he received his Ph.D. degree.

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3. Who did Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. marry?
Coretta Scott. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott were married on June 18, 1953, in Marion, Alabama. Martin's father, Reverend Martin Luther King, Sr., performed the service. They had four children: Yolanda Denise, Martin Luther III, Dexter Scott, and Bernice Albertine.

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4. Who is Rosa Parks?
Rosa Parks, an African-American, was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955, for sitting in the "White Only" section of a bus. The arrest of Rosa Parks, on December 1, 1955, gave rise to the Montgomery Bus Boycott led by Martin Luther King, Jr. and other African-American community leaders. On December 5, African-American residents refused to use the bus system. Although there was violence against the protesters, Martin preached for a peaceful boycott, stating, "We must meet hate with love." Eleven months later, on November 13, 1956, the United States Supreme Court ruled Alabama's state and local laws requiring segregation on buses were unconstitutional. The boycott finally ended on December 21, 1956. The boycott had lasted 381 days. In 1960, Martin moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he continued to lead peaceful protests against "White Only" waiting rooms, lunch counters, and rest rooms.

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5. What was the March on Washington?
A march led by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963. On August 28, 1963, more than two hundred thousand people participated in the March on Washington in Washington, D.C. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, Martin delivered his famous "I Have A Dream" speech. Did you know Martin received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, as a campaigner for Civil Rights?

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What I Learned Section 2 -- Define the following words:
Civil Rights Movement: Efforts to win political, economic, and social equality for African-Americans in the United States

Segregation: Discriminating against a group, especially on the basis of race

Boycott: To abstain from buying or using, as a means of protest

Nobel Peace Prize: One of six prizes awarded annually for outstanding achievements for the promotion of peace

Discriminate: To make a distinction for or against a person on the basis of the group or class to which the person belongs

U.S. Supreme Court: The highest federal court in the United States

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Bonus Questions (Answer 1 of the Following Questions for Your FREE Bookmark):
a. What happened on April 4, 1968?
Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. On the tragic day of April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King, Jr. was standing on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was in Memphis to lead a protest for equal pay for African-American garbage workers. Martin was shot by James Earl Ray, and died an hour later. Martin is entombed in the Freedom Hall Complex of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Historical Site in Atlanta, Georgia. The stone marking his grave states, "I'm free at last."

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b. When is the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday observed?
On the 3rd Monday of every January. On April 8, 1968, just four days after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated, Congressman John Conyers introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives providing for a Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday. Several states, including Massachusetts and Connecticut, enacted statewide King Holidays. On November 3, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed the bill establishing the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Holiday. The King Holiday was first observed on January 20, 1986.

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c. Use five of the words in Section 2 in a sentence.
Answers will vary. Here are sample sentences from our young readers:
The Civil Rights Movement took place in the 1960's.

Our laws make segregation illegal today.

When I don't like something, I boycott it.

The Nobel Peace Prize is given to people who promote peace.

It is wrong to discriminate against a person.

The U.S. Supreme Court decides if a law is constitutional.

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d. Have a parent or friend give you a spelling test with EACH of the words in Section 2.

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