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July, 2002

July Celebrations
July 1 - 3: Battle of Gettysburg (1863) July 4: Independence Day (1776) July 14: Bastille Day (1789)

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"Proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof." - Inscription on the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is located in Independence National Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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PAPA BOOK TOUR - REPORT #9: Ulysses and Robert E. on a cannon on the Confederate lines on Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The field behind them is the site of the famous Pickett's Charge which took place on July 3, 1863. The two low hills in the background are Little Round Top on the left and Big Round Top on the right.

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The Everything Kids' Travel Activity Book: Games to Play, Songs to Sing, Fun Stuff to Do - Guaranteed to Keep You Busy the Whole Ride!
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When was the battle of Gettysburg fought?

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Did you know the Declaration of Independence was adopted by all the colonies on July 4, 1776?

Thomas Jefferson presents the Declaration of Independence to John Hancock at the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Yes, the text of the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 2, and it was adopted by the colonies on July 4. On July 8, the Declaration of Independence was read publicly in the State House Yard in Philadelphia, and the Liberty Bell was rung. Did you know the Declaration of Independence was not signed by all the delegates of the Second Continental Congress until August 2, 1776?

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My family is my hero. I have a loving husband, and three wonderful, sweet, beautiful, and amazing children. I am inspired by them in everything they do.

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When was the battle of Gettysburg fought?

Robert E., Abe, & Ulysses at Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, PA

July 1 - 3, 1863.
In the summer of 1863, Confederate General Robert E. Lee led his troops into Northern territory. Lee's Army met the Union Army at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Union Army was led by General George G. Meade. The two sides fought for three days from July 1 to July 3, 1863. The Union won the battle. Did you know the Battle of Gettysburg is known as the High Tide of the Confederacy? Yes, it was the closest the Confederacy came to defeating the Union Army.

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