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May, 2002

May Celebrations

May 12: Mother's Day and Florence Nightingale's Birthday
May 27: Memorial Day

"Knowledge itself is power." -- Francis Bacon (1561-1626). Bacon was a British philosopher and statesman. He helped develop the theory of scientific knowledge based on observation and experiment. Today, this theory is called the inductive method.

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A Picture Book of Florence Nightingale
Great book for young readers. It tells about the life of Florence Nightingale in a SIMPLE and EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND way. There are plenty of pictures with words on every other page. There is also a list of the Important Dates for easy reference. Look for Picture Books about other people, including
Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Robert E. Lee, and Sacagawea.

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When was Florence Nightingale born? (month, date, and year)

Florence Nightingale

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Did you know the champions at the 1900 Games of the Olympiad held in Paris did not receive medals?

Yes. Instead, the champions received valuable pieces of art. Today, medals are awarded during medal ceremonies to the top three finishers. All three winners stand on one podium: the first place athlete stands in the middle, the second place athlete stands to his or her right, and the third place finisher stands to his or her left. During the ceremony the national anthem of the winner's country is played.

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Picabo Street. She has been a role model of mine ever since I first saw her ski (1989), and I've been following her ever since. Because of Picabo's strong will and determination, I have decided to pursue my skiing career as well. Even though I have gone through several hardships, I know that the road to success will hold many obstacles, and I am determined to overcome them. Hopefully, at the end of the road, my hero will be waiting. Some day...

Picabo Street

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Where can I find books on Space?

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When was Florence Nightingale born?

Florence Nightingale

May 12, 1820.
Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy. She was named Florence after her city of birth. Florence's sister was born in Naples and is named Parthenope. Parthenope is the Greek name for Naples.

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