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Week of April 23, 2001

H a p p y      B i r t h d a y

To Celebrate Ulysses S. Grant's Birthday on April 27, this page is dedicated to Ulysses trivia.

Quote of the Week

"No terms except an unconditional and immediate surrender can be accepted. I propose to move immediately upon your works." Ulysses S. Grant's message to Confederate General Simon Bolivar Buckner at Fort Donelson, Tennesee, in February, 1862. Read a book about Ulysses

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Picture of the Week

Ulysses S. Grant visits his birthplace in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He was born on April 27, 1822. Today, his birthplace is a museum. Read about Ulysses S. Grant or Visit the Grant Birthplace.

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Ulysses S. Grant: Eighteenth President of the United States (Encyclopedia of Presidents)

This book is featured in Ulysses' Books. In-depth children's biography about Ulysses as a young boy, cadet at West Point, Civil War General, U.S. President, world traveler, and family man. This series is a great introduction to young readers about Presidents of the United States. There's also a Chronology of American History in the back of the book for an easy-to-look up reference guide.

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Trivia Question

This Week's Trivia Question:

Question: True or False. In 1865, Ulysses S. Grant became the President of the United States when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.


Last Week's Trivia Question:
Question: William Shakespeare's plays are often put into one of 3 categories. Name the 3 categories.
The 3 categories are Tragedies, Comedies, and Histories. William Shakespeare's well known Tragedies are Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. His popular Comedies are A Midsummer Nights Dream, and Much Ado About Nothing. And his famous Histories are Henry V and Richard III. William's plays, however, contain elements of all three categories. He added humor to tragic plays, serious problems to comedic plays, and common issues to historical plays. This is one reason why he is one of the greatest playwrights in the world!
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Did You Know…

Did you know Ulysses was the first person to become a Four Star General in the U.S. Army?

Yes, when the American Civil War began in 1861, Ulysses S. Grant was a Brigadier General in command of the 21st Illinois Volunteers. After winning decisive victories at Forts Henry and Donelson, Shiloh, and Vicksburg, Ulysses was promoted to Lieutenant General. On March 12, 1864, he was appointed General in Chief of the Armies of the United States and was in charge of winning the war for the Union (which he did). In 1866, a year after the Civil War ended, Ulysses was promoted to a Four Star General. This was a new military rank, and Ulysses was the first person promoted to a Four Star General. Ulysses also served as Secretary of War under President Johnson from 1867 to 1868 (when he was elected President). Read more…

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Who's Your Hero?

Ulysses S. Grant was a true hero in private as well as in public. He was our first civil rights President. He cared about the Indians and the freed slaves. The Treaty of Washington (1871) is mostly his work, though he's never gotten enough credit for it. It settled claims against Britain, and more important, it established neutrality and international arbitration to avoid war. This become the foundation for the World Court and League of Nations. My favorite Grant web site is the Ulysses S. Grant Network." - Nancy W. from Newark, Ohio

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Your Question

Q: Why did Ulysses S. Grant change his name?

A: Ulysses S. Grant was born Hiram Ulysses Grant on April 27, 1822, in Point Pleasant, Ohio. He was known as Ulysses to his family and friends. In 1839, Ulysses' name was changed when he attended the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. When Congressman Hamer submitted Ulysses' name for admission, Hamer wrote down the name Ulysses Simpson Grant. Hamer thought Simpson was Ulysses' middle name because Simpson was his mother's maiden name. In order to attend West Point, Ulysses kept the name Ulysses Simpson Grant, and today we know him by this name. Did you know Ulysses' nicknames were Uncle Sam Grant and Unconditional Surrender Grant for his initials U.S.? Read More…

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