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Week of April 30, 2001

Quote of the Week

"I never think of the future. It comes soon enough." Albert Einstein, December, 1930. Read a book about Albert Einstein.

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Picture of the Week

Christopher Columbus takes his pals, Sacagawea, Florence, and Galileo to the ocean for an afternoon cruise on the Santa María. Christopher made his first voyage to the New World on the Niña, Pinta, and Santa María in 1492. Read a book about Christopher…

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Biography - Thomas Edison

This video is featured in Alva's Books. A fun and entertaining way to learn about Thomas Alva Edison, the brilliant U.S. Inventor. A&E Biography does a great job on all it documentaries, and the Thomas Edison documentary is no exception. It explores the interesting life and inventions of the fascinating Edison using old photographs, words, and stories. Great addition to your Video Collection!

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Trivia Question

This Week's Trivia Question:

Question: True or False.
Galileo invented the telescope.

Last Week's Trivia Question:
Question: True or False. Ulysses S. Grant became the next President of the United States when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.
False. Andrew Johnson was the Vice President when Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865, and therefore, Johnson became the next president. Andrew Johnson was the 17th President. In the following presidental election in 1868,
Ulysses S. Grant was elected the 18th President. President Grant served two terms from 1869-1877. Did you know Grant is pictured on the $50 bill? Read More. Read a book about Ulysses…

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Did You Know…

Did you know Abe Lincoln was the first Republican President?

Yes, the Republican Party was a newly formed political party when Abe Lincoln joined in 1856. In 1860, Abe was elected the 16th President of the United States, and he became the first Republican President. The Republican Party's objective at that time was to contain slavery to the Southern states and preserve the Union. Read a book about Abe…

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Who's Your Hero?

"My hero is my sister, Marie. She bikes across the United States to raise money and awareness of HUNTINGTON DISEASE."
-- Meg

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Your Question

Q: Were Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford close friends?

A: Yes, Thomas Alva Edison and Henry Ford were close friends and neighbors. When Alva and Henry first met, Henry was introduced to Alva as "the young fellow who's made a gas car." Alva, of course, encouraged Henry by saying, "Keep at it!" By 1915, Alva and Henry were good friends, and Alva invited Henry and his wife to stay at his home in Fort Myers, Florida. The next year, Henry bought the house next door, and the close friends also became close neighbors. They spent the next 15 winters together in Fort Myers. Today, these homes are operated by the Edison-Ford Winter Estates and open for public tours. Read a book about Thomas Alva Edison, Read a book about Henry Ford, or Visit the Edison-Ford Winter Estates.

Photo: Thomas Alva Edison (left) and Henry Ford (right)

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