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Week of August 27, 2001


You've Followed the Book Tour, Read the Reports, Enjoyed the Book Signings...
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Quote of the Week

"For four years I fought against this flag, but that is now in the past. Today, this is my flag and my country." -- Confederate Veteran Francis Telesford Hurlbert said of the Stars and Stripes while addressing students and teachers at a flagpole dedication ceremony at his daughter's one room country school in 1920. Hurlbert fought with the 3rd Florida, Company A for four years during the War Between the States. Read more in Report #12.

Photo: Francis Hurlbert's daughter, Mrs. Aurelia Hurlbert Hannon, age 90, with her Robert E. Bear in Cookeville, Tennessee.

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Picture of the Week

June 30, 2001: Robert E., Ulysses, and Mary W. Schaller attend the First Public Book Signing for PAPA WAS A BOY IN GRAY at the Springfield Mall Waldenbooks in Springfield, Virginia. Did you know twenty-two out of the fifty states have a town named Springfield? Read more in Report #8.

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Trivia Question

This Week's Trivia Question:

Question: In what town was the first
Lincoln-Douglas debate held?

Photo: Mary and Abe in front of the spot where the first of the Lincoln-Douglas debates was held.

Last Week's Trivia Question:
Question: What is Sacagawea's nickname?
Bird Woman. In 1814, the Lewis and Clark journals were printed for the first time, and in those journals, the editor spelled Sacagawea's name, "Sacajawea." Recently, however, historians have changed the spelling of her name to "Sacagawea." One of the reasons is because her nickname is Bird Woman, and "Sacagawea" means Bird Woman. Whereas "Sacajawea" means Boat Launcher. Read a book about Sacagawea.

Photo: Sacagawea

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Did You Know…

Did you know the preservation of the Gettysburg battlefield began soon after the battle was fought?

Yes. The battle of Gettysburg was fought from July 1 to July 3, 1863, and the preservation began immediately afterward when David McConaughy bought tracts of land comprising the Union line (East Cemetery Hill, Culp's Hill, and Little Round Top). In September, 1863, the Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association was formed. The battleground was deeded to the Federal War Department in the late 1890's. Read more in Report #9.

Photo: Ulysses and Robert E. on a cannon on the Confederate lines on Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The field behind them is the site of the famous Picketts' Charge. The two low hills in the background are Little Round Top on the left and Big Round Top on the right.

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Who's Your Hero?

"Robert E. Lee is my hero. He was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. He was admired not only by the Confederate troops, but by the Union troops as well, including the man to whom he surrendered, General Grant."

Photo: Robert E., Mary, and Ulysses in front of an old building at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri. Read more in Report #7.

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Your Question

Q: What is the Louisiana Purchase? (Simon from Des Moines)

A: In 1803, Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States, bought a huge tract of land west of the Mississippi River from France's Emperor Napoleon which doubled the size of the then-United States. This is known as the Louisiana Purchase. The next year, Jefferson sent the famous explorers, Lewis and Clark, to map the new land, called the Louisiana Territory. Sacagawea was a guide and interpreter for the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Read more in Report #4.

Photo: Abe, Robert E., Ulysses, and Sacagawea on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River at the start of their adventures on the Great River Road. Read more in Report #6.

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