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Week of May 21, 2001

Quote of the Week

"If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it." Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

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Picture of the Week

How many
IMA Hero™ Bears can you fit on your computer??? This woman got 6 on top of her Macintosh - luckily she has a big monitor so they can all fit! Now she spends the day with Abe, Alva, Wolfgang, Ulysses, Bard of Avon, and Florence. SHARE IN THE FUN by sending us your photos of IMA Hero™ Bears around your home, school, or office.

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Feature Book in Association with amazon.com

Henry Ford: Young Man With Ideas UNDER $5.00

This book is featured in Alva's Books. LEARNING IS FUN with this fictional book about Henry Ford's childhood. The Childhood of Famous Americans Series is a medium-size print book with conversational writing and few pictures. Look for biographies about other famous people, including Thomas Alva Edison, Robert E. Lee, and Sacagawea.

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Trivia Question

This Week's Trivia Question:

Question: Who were the first
three Presidents of the United States? [The White House's History of the Presidents]

Photo: White House

Last Week's Trivia Question:
Question: When did the Lewis and Clark Expedition reach the Pacific Ocean (month and year)?
Lewis and Clark Expedition reached the Pacific Ocean in November, 1805. The Expedition began on May 14, 1804, from St. Louis, Missouri. It traveled up the Missouri River, over the Rocky Mountains, down the Clearwater and Snake Rivers to the Columbia River, and finally reached the Pacific Ocean between the present day border of Washington and Oregon. Today, this location is near Astoria, Oregon. This journey from St. Louis to the Pacific Ocean took 1-1/2 years to complete! Read a book about the Lewis and Clark Expedition…

Photo: Pacific Ocean

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Did You Know…

Did you know Galileo was born the same year Michelangelo died -- 1564?

Yes, not only was it the same year, it was almost the same day! Galileo was born on February 15, and Michelangelo died just three days later on February 18. They both lived during the Renaissance which swept through Europe from the 1400's to the 1600's. The Renaissance was a "rebirth" of painting, sculpting, literature, architecture, and science.

Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer who changed the way we look at the universe through his discoveries of Jupiter's moon, the rings of Saturn, the phases of Venus, and sunspots. Read a book about Galileo.

Michelangelo Bounarroti was an Italian sculptor, painter, and architect. He is well known for his 16-foot-high marble sculpture of David and the painting of the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel in St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome while lying on his back. Read a book about Michelangelo.

Photos: Michelangelo (left), Galileo (right)

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Who's Your Hero?

"Dale Earnhardt. Dale was not only a great driver, but always treated his fans as if they were his closest friend. I met him in person and have his autograph which I will value forever."
-- Dale Harbrueger from Poway, CA

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Your Question

Q: I heard a story about Thomas Alva Edison sitting on goose eggs, is this true? (Abbie P.)

A: The "goose egg" story about Alva may be more fiction than fact [more details]. In any event, it's a great story, and here it is. Thomas Alva Edison was always a very curious person, even as a young boy. He enjoyed exploring and figuring out how and why things worked. When Alva was six years old, he saw a goose sitting on some eggs. Then the eggs hatched. Being the curious youngster, Alva sat on other goose eggs to see if they would hatch. Unfortunately for Alva, the eggs did not hatch. However, Alva's curiosity continued throughout his life, and he become one of the greatest inventors of all time! Did you know he holds 1,093 patents for his inventions? This is the largest number of patents held by any one person! Read a book about Thomas Alva Edison.

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